Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Common Courtesy Isn't So Common

Seriously, whatever happened to common courtesy? Having just completed Paper 1 on Belonging today for English, I'm slightly disconcerted that I almost feel like the protagonist of my creative story, hanging onto values in a world where they're progressively becoming outdated and irrelevent.

Whatever happened to the times when a cashier was actually friendly,
not just spouting polite idioms?

Whatever happened to the times when an apology was actually apologetic,
not something just stated to get rid of the awkwardness?

Whatever happened to the times when a person could ask politely for something to be done,
not having to resort to anger or some form of deterrent due to almost bratty resistance?

Whatever happened to the times when a favour was actually a favour,
not some ludicrous transaction where everything was perfectly balanced?

Whatever happened to the times when people were actually attentive to a conversation,
not just a time filler until boredom or obligations consume one of the participants?

Whatever happened to the times when a gift was actually a gift,
not an investment or an obligation to get a future return?

I really wonder what happened to all that. As of late it just seems like these things are increasingly becoming a rarity, really different to how it was a decade or so ago. Maybe that's just the rose-tinted glasses of nostalgia for my childhood that're skewing my perceptions, but I can't help but feel that's the way things used to be. More simple and personal. I know I'm not the only one who tries to retain these sort of values, and I'm thankful for those other people who do their best as well. It's those sort of people that make life worth living. Make it pleasant. I'm well aware this post is slightly more ranty than usual but I blame the HSC English paper for that, heh.

I really just long for the day when such values begin to make a more mainstream comeback.



  1. ranting is good. You get to release some tension... Adios is homo and you are not a spanish guy. Anyway that is all. "Enjoy" studying.

  2. Hm...I know exactly what you mean. Though, sometimes that common courtesy extends alot further than you expect it to. But sometimes it's just disasterous! I mean, the some people just lack decency and respect to other people, it isnt funny at all.

    I mean, luckily, there are still people around like that in retail positions. People who recognise you when you go in every week, maybe even remember your orders, ask you how your week was. Actually care. It shouldnt be that rare, you know? I'm not sure if it was any better a decade ago, tbh, I don't quite remember.

    And stupid english, makes us think about usually not-too-positive things. But i'm sure it'll all get better when more friendly people like ourselves and our friends get into the industry, we can always make a change.

    Actually, off on a tangent on a already too long comment, after the trials, a friend and I went down to woolies and decided to buy a packet of doughnuts. It was like $2 or something, but all we had is coins, so we walked up to the counter and payed with a stack of 20c coins. the girl working there just laughed at us and told us to have a nice day. But it's friendly people like that which make random things enjoyable.