Sunday, October 18, 2009

Polaroid Past

Short post today, especially since everything I'm about to say is explained in a longer post elsewhere.

Anyway, since I haven't updated in awhile, I thought I'd just quickly mention a side project I've started. Essentially, I'm aiming to take a photo a day that some how applies to what I was feeling that day or eludes in some way to the day's activities. Not necessarily aiming for 'profound' or 'inspirational' shots or anything, but rather just chronicling my existence for the next year. Then, since I love Polaroids and they have this nostalgic feel about them, but the film itself is too expensive, I figured I'd photoshop each of these daily photos into a Polaroid format - just for an aesthetic if nothing else.

The blog itself is here: Polaroid Past.

Full explanation can be read here: Polaroid Past - The Concept.

Anyway, not a great deal more to say on it. It's not exactly for an 'audience' as such, but it just gave me something to talk about in the mean time on this blog. It's more for personal intrigue, just to look back in a year's time and go through all the photos in one go - a year of my existence. Figured I'd at least wait until I had a week or so of photos up before announcing it, though one or two people found it on their own anyway.

I know starting it right before the HSC when I won't be going anywhere as much to take more interesting photos probably wasn't the smartest thing, but now that I've started I won't be stopping until it's been 365 days, heh.



  1. i wish i did that. taking a polaroid a day. but boy THEY ARE SO FKN EXPENSIVE $75 for 30 . thats $2.50 a show while digital photos are 30cents developed ....... i hate the advancing of technology it ruins the fun for us late bloomers to experience the true feeling of polaroid. i dont have as much fun if i waste one . or someone I.E. JONO " HOW TO DU TURN IT ON ?'' FLASH . OMG

  2. The above person can't afford $2.50 how poor.
    She is not following my blog... YAY